This weekend brought our first substantial snow fall covering Echo in 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Needless to say an itch needed to be scratched so Echo’s Marc Moline and Steve Cummings tested out some of the Asylum’s new moveable features. Enjoying the first session of the season, it was all about the girls as both noses and tails were pressed onto the ice crusted flat log.















Last week we gave you a look at the new “e” feature. This week wood is the name of the game. Located in our freshly expanded West Glades, the “Wave” combines the joy of finding that perfect fallen log, with the buttery goodness of a mellow bank to give you a nice surprise when your out hounding powder. Follow the Glades down to find your exit in the form of our new “Wood Bridge.” Sporting both a flat bar and a box for railings, this 40’ long bridge will carry you out of the wilderness and back to the trails. As a new extension to the Asylum Park, the “Tripod” gives you choices never thought of before. Follow the elbow kinks either frontside or backside, go over the top and air this three-legged creature feature.























Don’t miss our biggest and most exciting Feature Update next time premiering the Burton Stair Set for the first time ever! Never before seen in Colorado, the stair set brings street to the mountain with 25 stairs worth of ledge, straight rail, and hubba. Waiting patiently, this new feature promises to bring some bangers this season. Be sure and check back right here every two weeks for more Echo Mountain feature updates and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for further section updates from the Echodemic Vol.

Lastly, be sure to pick up your 2008-2009 Unlimited Echo Mountain Season Pass for the low price of only $149 available for a limited time only!

Can’t wait to see you up here,

– Echo Mountain Staff


~ by echomountain on October 29, 2008.

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