With the smell of hot dogs and fresh steel wafting down Highway 103, Rome’s Premature Jibulation at Echo Mountain went down with mother-nature riding shotgun, providing a healthy dose of much needed snow.

The more than 100 competitors and spectators who came out were treated to a variety of features including a tire jib, wallride, corrugated tube, propane tank, picnic tables and a flat-down box.


The setup was running fast with two different lines offering three features each and it didn’t take long for a favorite line to develop. The mayhem began quickly as kids started throwing down switch-ups and combo’s on the flat-down box like it was mid season.



Immediately after the flat-down box was the “Echodemic Pill”, providing a cure for the lack of shred by giving people an excuse to spin, and spin they did. Then there was a brand spanking new wallride where riders stalled, slid and planted their way into the finals.























Congrats to all the winners and everyone else that came out, baring the elements to compete and spectate. Huge thanks to Rome Snowboards and Echo Mountain as well for putting on such a great event.























Steve Cummings & Marc Moline
Echo Mountain / Antix Media

~ by echomountain on December 1, 2008.


  1. who won? who are in the photos?

  2. The top 3 were Chris Sypert, Pauly Weston, and Nick Brewer, and for the Ladies, Paige Rainear took top honors.

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