If you didn’t make it out last Saturday for the Echo Team Challenge, you missed out! Oompa Loompa’s, ninja turtles, lumberjacks, and bananas were just some of the 38 themed teams of three that made it out to the event. After 2 runs of what could only be described as coordinated jibbery, several teams showed that not only could they shred and wear goofy costumes, they could act too.


Earning themselves honorable mention the Chocolate Bandits; Lance Lipuma, Cody Cirillo, Katie Turner took home Smith helmets and goggles for their acrobatic tumbles and candy tossing.


Taking home three Sims/Echo Snowboards, the 9010 Lumberjacks; Billy Rodriguez, Rick Rodriguez, Kyle McCafferty took the title of Best Riding proving that even though their level of coordination belongs in a pool, they belong on the snow.


It might be winter but Das Party Friends; Jason Wuerz, Matee Baji, Ulfar Kristjonsson keep it going all day winning the Best Theme and 3 Echo/Sims Snowboards.


Straight out of Denver, the Sunshine State, Team Samsonite combined their sideways sliding skills with their Dumb and Dumber knowledge to put on a show for the crowd. A $333.33 payday for Loyd (Greg Sudac), Harry (Mike Goodwin) and Mary Swanson (Nick Brewer).

Thanks to everyone who put on their creative pants and came out to the Echo Team Challenge last weekend, you made it happen!

Good Shredding
-Echo Staff

~ by echomountain on February 27, 2009.

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