Echodemic Volume 2 – Seth Hill and Colin Spencer

This week continues the web release of the Echo Mountain team video, Echodemic Volume 2. On every Tuesday, from now until opening day, a new section from the video will be released free for download.

Indiscriminately slaying trick after trick this week’s EV2 section update brings you two heavy hitters. Whether it’s park rails and jumps or backcountry and street, Seth Hill and Colin Spencer throw down like it’s their job. After this week’s update there’s only one section left before the whole Echodemic Volume 2 is available free for download. Be sure to check out next week’s section featuring Echo Team rider Nick Brewer. Good luck figuring out the natural stance of this ambidextrous shredder.


This past weekend brought Echo Mountain 16’’ of new snow. Combined with the leftovers of the previous early season storm and the manmade snow the guns keep pumping out, Echo Mountain is looking to have it’s strongest opening to date. Keep up on all things Echo Mountain by following us on twitter or Facebook and catch updates on our blog. Click the icons below to check us out.

-Echo Staff

~ by echomountain on November 17, 2009.

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