Echo Team at the Backyard Bang!

This weekend the Backyard Bang went off in downtown Denver at the Art Institute. Milling through the crowd during the morning set up, some of the first people to be found were local Echo fans that had come out to enjoy a day of shred and to support the Echo Team. High fives were distracted hellos as everyone’s attention was on the 3 stories of scaffolding in the middle of the intersection. With so many familiar faces showing up early on, the day was shaping out to be a promising one.

Collin B

Collin Backowski and the Echo-mobiles


Marc Moline - Game Face

Steve Camera

Steve Cummings Getting the Shot

Tucked between tall city buildings in the shadow of the capital building, the setup took shape with 3 options; a down flat down rail, a gap to down box and a rolling down box complete with hubba options. After a warm up session of testing out features and figuring out tricks the competitors were unleashed in 3 different heats. Echo Team riders Collin Backowski, Andrew Burns, Seth Hill, Nick Brewer and Marc Moline got after it early with Seth, Nick and Marc all making the finals.


Watching Set Up

Seth Hill

Seth Hill 270 the Gap


Andrew Burns Gap to Back Board

In the Finals there was no holding back as bruised and bloodied competitors threw down banger after banger and kept going back for more. In the end however, only one person walked away with the $2000, Six Eight Six team rider Forrest Bailey. With so many familiar faces and a great showing from the Echo Team, the Backyard Bang was an amazing event. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support and thanks to the Team for throwing down.

Be sure to catch footage of the Echo Team at the Backyard Bang in the first installment of Echo TV Season 3 coming Monday November 30th.


~ by echomountain on November 23, 2009.

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